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So So Party

by PVC Street Gang

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New 7" single from PVC Street Gang!


released 13 September 2012

Tracked @ Klearlight Studios by Jay Jernigan
Mixed @ Lakeside Studios by Josh Block
Mixed @ 3008 by Matt Cimino
Produced by PVC Street Gang



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Track Name: So So Party
So So Party
Atomic bomb
I havent been here
since Vietnam
black or white now
right or wrong
been at this party
far too long

So so party
said I'm leaving here
but I ain't gone
war and peace now
fight and preach
so so party
cold and heat

Caught up in the crossfire / no end in sight
and where we are headed yeah / just don't seem right

how you feel at this so so party

who's that knocking on the front door now?
Roni? Roni who?
1, 2
1, 2, 3, 4

RONI RUSH!!!! RONI RUSH!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Delta Meth
Don't flap your gums while your kids in the street bitch!
sitting here spouting off psalms in your living room
go cook some man-which in that dirty ass teflon pan your mom and stepdad bought you!
Don't gimme no shit!
Shut your mouth!
Eat your food!
Trailer trash beauty queen sitting on the couch like a fat blimp
eating hand getting sweaty with them stanky ass arm pits
Bitch you can't cook you can't clean you can't sew
but you don't realize, I'm bout ta go
Don't gimme no shit!
Shut your mouth!
Eat your food!
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
when I walk in the house I wanna see my wife in the living room with the porno channel on the TV, I wanna see me
know what you need , and what's fo sho
oh my wife she's the best she's got the biggest breast she's got the thing that I need to make me feel like I don't give a shit
I'm stoned yo I been told
hey baby
Don't gimme no shit!
Shut your mouth!
Eat your food!